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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What type of work does Kitty first offer to do at the convent?
(a) Prepare meals.
(b) Care for newborns.
(c) Redecorate the chapel.
(d) Scrub floors.

2. When Kitty asks Walter if he wanted her to die from cholera in Chapter 57, what is his response?
(a) At first.
(b) No.
(c) Yes.
(d) He doesn't know.

3. During Kitty and Walter's journey, how does Walter spend each evening?
(a) Reading.
(b) Practicing the guitar.
(c) Exploring the countryside.
(d) Conversing with Kitty.

4. What skill of Walter's does Kitty learn about from the nuns that surprises her?
(a) Walter is very good with babies and loves to play with them.
(b) Walter has an excellent singing voice.
(c) Walter is very fluent in French.
(d) Walter is an excellent cook and helps with meals at the convent.

5. Why does Mother Superior hesitate to allow Kitty to work in the convent?
(a) Kitty is a Protestant, not Catholic.
(b) She's afraid Kitty is too weak and pale to work.
(c) She's afraid Waddington would disapprove.
(d) She does not think Chinese officials will allow it.

6. What was Mother Superior's first name before she became a nun?
(a) Kitty doesn't know.
(b) Marie.
(c) Nicole.
(d) Odette.

7. Who comes to tell Kitty that Walter has fallen ill?
(a) Colonel Yu.
(b) Waddington.
(c) Mother Superior.
(d) An amah.

8. What job is Kitty given at the convent?
(a) She works in the infirmary.
(b) She cares for smaller children.
(c) She helps with the laundry.
(d) She teaches English to the nuns.

9. What startles Kitty when she accompanies Waddington on her first walk outside of the bungalow?
(a) A large water buffalo.
(b) A dead peasant.
(c) An abandoned child.
(d) A procession of widows.

10. What does Kitty think of her first view from her window of the bungalow?
(a) She finds the view pretty much the same as her view in Hong Kong.
(b) She finds it dreary and depressing.
(c) She takes no notice of the view and is so depressed she doesn't really register her surroundings.
(d) She finds it breathtakingly beautiful.

11. When Kitty asks Walter if he despises her in Chapter 47, what is his response?
(a) He tells her he despises himself.
(b) He tells her he loves her and always will.
(c) He tells her he despises himself and her.
(d) He tells her he doesn't know how he feels about her.

12. During dinner conversation outlined in Chapter 32, what aspect of London does Waddington discuss at length?
(a) The theatre.
(b) The latest war news.
(c) The musuems.
(d) Political gossip.

13. What is Waddington's affinity for liquor?
(a) He uses liquor medicinally.
(b) He never drinks and despises liquor.
(c) He loves to drink and is frequently a little drunk.
(d) He enjoys liquor only sparingly.

14. What work does Walter quote with his last words?
(a) A Shakespearean sonnet.
(b) Goldsmith's Elegy.
(c) A verse in St. John in the Bible.
(d) A Chinese proverb.

15. What do the Nuns do with infants as soon as they come into the convent?
(a) Innocluate them against cholera.
(b) Feed them.
(c) Sing to them.
(d) Baptize them.

Short Answer Questions

1. What about Walter's appearance, as described in Chapter 56, shocks Kitty during their conversation?

2. How many people die each day in Mei-tan-fu from the cholera?

3. Who is the first person to suppose that Kitty is expecting?

4. What experience does Mother Superior recount to Kitty in Chapter 60?

5. How does the Chinese surgeon think that Walter contracted cholera?

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