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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How do the older Chinese orphan girls spend their time at the convent?
(a) They put on elaborate plays.
(b) They play card games.
(c) They study mathematics and history.
(d) They do embroidery and sewing.

2. What work does Walter quote with his last words?
(a) A verse in St. John in the Bible.
(b) A Chinese proverb.
(c) Goldsmith's Elegy.
(d) A Shakespearean sonnet.

3. What crime is Colonel Yu trying desperately to prevent in Mei-tan-fu?
(a) Looting.
(b) Rape.
(c) Kidnapping.
(d) Espionage.

4. What reason does Walter give for despising himself in Chapter 47?
(a) He despises himself for wanting Kitty to die.
(b) He despises his shyness.
(c) He despises his inadequacies in helping the sick.
(d) He despises his previous love for Kitty.

5. Where is Walter buried?
(a) His body is sent back to England.
(b) He is cremated.
(c) His body is interred in Hong Kong.
(d) In a Mei-tan-fu cemetery.

6. What is Kitty's last request of Walter?
(a) She asks him to forgive himself.
(b) She asks him to tell her he loves her.
(c) She asks for forgiveness.
(d) She asks him to give her a kiss.

7. What happened to the Missionary who was the previous occupant of the bungalow?
(a) He was given another post in a neighboring village.
(b) He caught cholera and returned to England for treatment.
(c) He feel in love with a Chinese woman and left the province with her.
(d) He died.

8. What is Kitty's first impression of Sister St. Joseph's demeanor?
(a) She seems distracted and unintelligent.
(b) She is extremely pious and grave.
(c) She is very rude.
(d) She is easy-going and very good-humoured.

9. What modes of transportation do Kitty and Walter utilize to get to Mei-tan-fu?
(a) They take a steamer and are carried in chairs.
(b) They take a ferry and ride on donkeys.
(c) They take a train and ride in a carriage.
(d) They ride on a cargo ship and walk the remainder of the way.

10. What habit of the Fanes does Waddington find surprising and dangerous?
(a) The rarely bathe or wash.
(b) They house several sick invalids.
(c) They eat fresh salad.
(d) They eat raw meat.

11. During Kitty and Walter's journey, how does Walter spend each evening?
(a) Practicing the guitar.
(b) Reading.
(c) Exploring the countryside.
(d) Conversing with Kitty.

12. What experience does Mother Superior recount to Kitty in Chapter 60?
(a) She recounts when she told her family her decision to become a nun.
(b) She tells Kitty of her journey to China.
(c) She recounts happy memories from her childhood.
(d) She tells Kitty of her first love.

13. What does Mother Superior describe as her last sight of France?
(a) The golden figure of Saint-Marie la Grace.
(b) The Eiffel Tower.
(c) Her family waving from the harbor.
(d) A beautiful sunset behind the cityscape.

14. What do the children at the convent think of Kitty?
(a) The like to watch her, but are too nervous to get close to her.
(b) They like her and come to her with concerns.
(c) They are upset at her intrusion and ignore her presence.
(d) They are afraid of her pale skin.

15. As Kitty spends more time with the nuns, how does she feel about the Catholic faith?
(a) She begins to adopt Catholic beliefs and wishes to be baptized.
(b) She is disgusted by Catholic beliefs.
(c) She admires the nuns, but does not share their beliefs.
(d) She feels too unworthy to become a Catholic.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Kitty attend the daily services in the chapel with the other nuns and children?

2. What physical feature of Waddington's mistress suggests fine breeding to Kitty?

3. Why won't Walter initially allow Colonel Yu to send for Kitty in Chapter 62?

4. What token do the nuns send to Kitty after Walter's death?

5. What startles the servants accompanying Kitty on the road to Mei-tan-fu?

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