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Harrington Gardens - This place is the town where Kitty's family lives in England.

Hong Kong - This location is where Walter and Kitty live at the outset of the story.

Mei-tan-fu - This place is a province afflicted with a cholera epidemic that has claimed the lives of a large percentage of the residents.

Tao - This is a religion that is very popular in China.

Cholera - This is an infection which is taking the lives of many people.

The Convent - This place serves as a dwelling, but also as an orphanage for the many abandoned children and an infirmary for the many sick people.

Goldsmith's Elegy - This poem is about a rabid dog who bit a man.

The Bungalow - This is where Kitty and Walter live, across the river from the town infested with cholera.

The Convent Infirmary - This is...

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