The Painted Veil Character Descriptions

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Kitty Garstin / Kitty Fane

This character marries after a very quick engagement. The marriage is in part motivated by the recent engagement of a younger sibling.

Walter Fane

This character is a bacteriologist, who becomes engaged and marries quickly while visiting his homeland of England on vacation from work in Hong Kong.

Charlie Townsend

This character, who works in Hong Kong bureaucracy, begins an illicit extra-marital affair even though he has no intention of leaving his spouse.


This character works as a customs official and has a lot of insight into people's inner motives.

Dorothy Townsend

This character lives in Hong Kong with her spouse and youngest child, while her two older children attend school in England.

Colonel Yu

This character is responsible for keeping the peace in Mei-tan-fu.

Mother Superior

This character is in charge of the convent.

Sister St. Joseph

This cheerful character has a...

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