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Preface through Chapter 5

• The preface tells us the novel was inspired by an interpretation of a line from Dante's Purgatorio.

• Kitty & Charlie are having an adulterous affair.

• During a rendezvous at Kitty's house, they hear someone outside the bedroom door.

• Kitty is nervous it is her husband, but Charlie convinces her it was a servant.

• They move from the bedroom to the sitting room where Charlie reassures the nervous Kitty.

• Kitty claims that if it was her husband, it was still worth it as she loves Charlie.

• Charlie leaves for work.
• Kitty reflects that it was unwise to meet at her home. Usually she meets Charlie at the home of a Chinese curio dealer.

• Charlie is married, but Kitty dislikes his wife, whom she describes as superficial.
• Kitty is unhappy with her social situation in Hong Kong, which is mainly based upon her husband's occupation.

• Her husband, Walter...

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