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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 5: The Digital Domain and The Last Mammoth.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What debris does a nuclear explosion create?
(a) None.
(b) Acid rain.
(c) Fallout.
(d) Steam.

2. What is an object's weight divided by its volume?
(a) An object's elemental number.
(b) The object's ability to exert force.
(c) An object's density.
(d) The object's constant mass.

3. Where does the last mammoth meet Bill?
(a) At the gates of heaven.
(b) At the gates of the digital domain.
(c) At the gates to Hades.
(d) At the Arc de Triomphe de l'√Čtoile.

4. What happens when electrons are rubbed, shuffled, or brushed off one surface onto another?
(a) Homogenization.
(b) Static electricity.
(c) Homeostasis.
(d) Hydrogenation.

5. What number represents off in binary code?
(a) -1.
(b) 9.
(c) 2.
(d) 0.

Short Answer Questions

1. How many forces hold things together?

2. What is the principle that states energy is neither created nor destroyed?

3. By what are the variations of an analog quality turned into a sequence of numbers?

4. What is electricity flowing through a wire?

5. What is an absence of substance?

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