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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 2, Harnassing the Elements, Exploiting Heat, Nuclear Power, pp. 142-173.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What happens when an object is placed in water?
(a) The object absorbs the water's atoms.
(b) The water is repelled by the electrical force of the object.
(c) The water molecules push against the object.
(d) The object sinks.

2. What is the principle behind the action of any machine?
(a) The conservation of energy.
(b) The amount of energy it expends.
(c) The amount of energy it saves.
(d) The type of energy it takes to make the machine work.

3. What is the factor which determines an object's ability to float?
(a) Inertia.
(b) Force.
(c) Density.
(d) Volume.

4. How does a wedge move an object up an inclined plane?
(a) It uses the effect of gravity.
(b) It doesn't ; the wedge moves the plane itself to raise an object.
(c) It forces the object to reduce the effects of gravity.
(d) It lowers the plane so the object slides.

5. What are small propellers mounted in the base of a ship's hull?
(a) Thrusters.
(b) Stablizers.
(c) Rudders.
(d) Tillers.

Short Answer Questions

1. What principle is in use as a propeller pushes the water back and as that same water which has been pushed back rolls forward again and hits the propeller?

2. What do the double walls of a thermos enclose?

3. What happens if the edges of the two wheels touch?

4. Upon what principle does a pulley work?

5. How does heat travel through heating elements?

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