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Part 1, The Mechanics of Movement

• Part 1, The Mechanics of Movement, states that to understand the way things work, one needs to understand the underlying principles.

• The principle behind the action of any machine is the conservation of energy that states that energy is neither created nor destroyed.

• The Mechanics of Movement explores this principle as it plays into movement, force, and effort.

• A driving force will initiate movement which a machine can then convert into a force appropriate for the task at hand.

• Three forces hold things together. The forces are gravity, electricity, and nuclear power.
• The wedge is the most common form of inclined plane found in machines. The wedge moves the plane itself to raise an object with a greater force.

• The author discusses a number of wedges and how they work, including door wedges, axes, scissors, knives, razors, plows and zippers.

• Levers are made up...

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