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Margaret George
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 63 through 76.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Cleopatra name her new son?
(a) Ptolemy Philadophos.
(b) Ptolemy Aurelius.
(c) Ptolemy Caesarion.
(d) Ptolemy Moshe.

2. What potion does Olympos urge Cleopatra to drink?
(a) One that will cure hiccups.
(b) One that will abort her child.
(c) One that will help her sleep.
(d) One that will improve stamina.

3. Where do Cleopatra and Caesar travel?
(a) Across the Mediterranean.
(b) Across Egypt.
(c) To Gaul.
(d) To Rome.

4. How is Cleopatra received by the people of Rome?
(a) She is ignored.
(b) She is popular.
(c) She is unpopular.
(d) She is exiled.

5. What is another issue that Octavia uses to undermine Antony's power in Rome?
(a) His Spanish wife.
(b) His part in the plot to kill Caesar.
(c) His theft from the Roman treasury.
(d) His wish to be buried with Cleopatra in Egypt.

Short Answer Questions

1. Cleopatra has to travel to _____________ to discredit a man claiming to be the elder Ptolemy.

2. Which country does Caesar tell Cleopatra that he needs to conquer?

3. Which famous warrior does Cleopatra dream about which concerns her?

4. What disease is it determined that Ptolemy has after he is examined in Egypt?

5. Cleopatra's pregnancy ends in _________________.

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