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James Dashner
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where does Thomas say they have to go to reach the computer station in Chapter Fifty?
(a) Through the South Exit of the Maze.
(b) Through the basement of the Slammer.
(c) Through the Griever Hole.
(d) In the attic of the Homestead.

2. Who insists that the Runners need to go back to their work in the Maze in Chapter Forty-Three?
(a) Winston.
(b) Gally.
(c) Newt.
(d) Minho.

3. How many Gladers in all survive the endeavor of getting through the Griever Hole in Chapter Fifty-Eight?
(a) 21.
(b) 16.
(c) 29.
(d) 32.

4. Who is calling out Thomas's name in the beginning of Chapter Forty-Eight?
(a) Teresa.
(b) Winston.
(c) Alby.
(d) Chuck.

5. Who leads the charge against the Grievers in Chapter Fifty-Six?
(a) Frypan.
(b) Minho.
(c) Stephen.
(d) Newt.

6. Who is the hooded boy that enters with the woman in Chapter Fifty-Nine revealed to be?
(a) Newt.
(b) Minho.
(c) Frypan.
(d) Gally.

7. Who came ahead to set up the ivy vines around the Griever Hole for Thomas and the others in Chapter Fifty-Six?
(a) Minho.
(b) Peter.
(c) Chuck.
(d) Teresa.

8. How many boxes of Maps does Minho drag out in Chapter Forty-Two?
(a) Ten.
(b) Three.
(c) Six.
(d) Eight.

9. Who does Thomas say the Creators named Newt after in Chapter Forty-Nine?
(a) Isaac Newton.
(b) Newt Gingrich.
(c) Newton Lee.
(d) Newton Faulkner.

10. What has been burned in Chapter Forty?
(a) The Homestead.
(b) The Griever-Hole.
(c) All of the Maps.
(d) The entrance to the Maze.

11. Who does Newt say the Grievers took in the night when Thomas and Minho return from the Maze in Chapter Forty-Five?
(a) Clint.
(b) Chuck.
(c) Teresa.
(d) Adam.

12. Who is in charge of getting water bottles and handing them out to all the Gladers as they prepare for their journey in Chapter Fifty-Three?
(a) Thomas.
(b) Chuck.
(c) Newt.
(d) Alby.

13. What word is written on the breast pocket of the woman's shirt that enters the room with the Gladers in Chapter Fifty-Nine?
(b) FLARE.

14. What Door into the Maze do Thomas and Minho enter by in Chapter Thirty-Three?
(a) The West Door.
(b) The North Door.
(c) The East Door.
(d) The South Door.

15. Who admits to having burned the Maps in Chapter Fifty-One?
(a) Newt.
(b) Gally.
(c) Alby.
(d) Thomas.

Short Answer Questions

1. What letter is produced when Thomas aligns the Maps in the end of Chapter Forty-Two?

2. How many words have Teresa and Newt decrypted from the Maze Maps in Chapter Forty-Five?

3. What does Thomas hear Teresa saying in his head as he falls asleep in the end of Chapter Thirty-Three?

4. Who says at the Gathering in Chapter Fifty-One, “You shanks are driving me nuts. Can’t get out of the Maze, and this idea of hanging with the Grievers at their bachelor pad sounds as stupid as anything I’ve ever heard in my life. Might as well slit our wrists”?

5. Who comes to the Maze Doors to bid farewell to Thomas as he heads into the Maze with the Runners in Chapter Forty-Three?

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