Objects & Places from The Maze Runner

James Dashner
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Beetle Blades

These mechanical creatures resemble lizards and have the word “Wicked” written across their torsos.

The Box

This is the name of the elevator that the protagonist finds himself inside in the beginning of the novel.

The Slammer

This is the name of a one-room jail with one window and a single chair.

The Changing

This is the process that a character undergoes when he/she encounters the serum of the half-machine/half-animals in the Maze. During this process, the character begins to regain some of his/her memories.

The Ending

Theresa claims that she was sent into the Glade to trigger this event.

The Code

This puzzle is deciphered from the maps of the Maze.

The Flare

This name refers to a time on earth when the sun had massive fire bursts that impacted the environment on earth and caused widespread chaos and despair.

The Grievers

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