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Short Answer Questions

1. Where is the fourth session of the game played?

2. What association's directors also attend the ceremonial opening of the game?

3. Why is the Master not a popular opponent?

4. What polite practice does the Master fail to do?

5. For what does the Master propose changes to rules?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why does the Master play the white stones versus Otake, who plays with the black stones?

2. What is the ceremonial opening for the go game like?

3. How does the Master fail to keep rules when it rains?

4. How does Uragami explain why the Master fails to thank people on his own?

5. How does Kawabata frame the novel through Chapters 2 and 4?

6. On the first day of play, what does Otake apologize for and why does he do this?

7. Why is Otake teased in the newspaper articles about the match?

8. What does Uragami admit to having for the Master?

9. How is the Master described before his death?

10. What does Uragami notice in a photograph of the Master that he adds in his article?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Explain the concept of loneliness as it exhibits in The Game of Go. Which of the individuals were lonely? Were they all lonely in some way? Explain the loneliness and the methods and attempts to overcome it.

Essay Topic 2

Politics play a significant role in the book. Kawabata refers to the politics of the Japanese society of The Master of Go compared to that of China. Discuss the use of politics in the novel. How does politics influence the actions of the main characters of the Master, Otake, and others? Also, examine the use of politics in relationships.

Essay Topic 3

Kawabata employed simple, minimalist, highly controlled, meticulous yet effective language contrasted with complex concepts. Both styles employed powerful symbolism. Choose an example of symbolism, briefly describe it, and identify the technique which it embodies.

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