The Master of Go Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. How does Uragami describe himself?

Uragami is a reporter at the Master's last professional game of go, and visited with him just two days prior to his death. He is the last to play chess with him.

2. What are the events that happen immediately after the end of the match?

The Master has just lost his last match against Otake, a highly-ranked young player, and the two men are still sitting at the game table in an inn where they are staying. After thanking one another formally, they sit silently, Otake looking very pale. They put away their stones and leave the room. Uragami, the narrator, returns to his room and reflects on the long game, then goes to pay his respects to the Master.

3. How are the two players described in the beginning of the book?

The Master is described as being quite small, weighing less than 70 pounds. He is married and has no children. Otake is a man of 30 with a wife and young children, as well as go students who live in his house with him.

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