Objects & Places from The Lying Game

Sara Shepard
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Tucson, Arizona

This is the city where Sutton lives.

Las Vegas

Emma lives in this city with a foster family when Sutton is killed.

Hollier High School

Sutton is attending this school when she's killed.

New York Casino

Emma is working here while she lives with Clarice in Las Vegas.

Sabino Canyon

Emma is supposed to go here to meet someone she believes to be Sutton.

Greyhound Bus Station

Where Emma stashes her money and clothing when she goes to meet Sutton.

Catalina State Park

Where Garrett and Emma go for a picnic shortly before Sutton's birthday party.

Bellisimo Secondhand

This is where Emma and Madeline go shopping and where Madeline buys the Gucci sunglasses.

La Paloma

This is the spa where Madeline reveals that Emma has broken the hearts of several guys.

The Lying Game

This is a game played by Sutton and her friends.

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