The Lying Game Character Descriptions

Sara Shepard
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Sutton Mercer

She is just short of her eighteenth birthday when she is murdered.

Emma Paxton

She is five-years-old when her mother leaves her with a friend and doesn't return.

Ethan Landry

He is the only person who realizes there is something dramatically different about Sutton.


Sutton's boyfriend, he is a member of the soccer team.

Laurel Mercer

Sutton's sister, she is a little younger and seems desperate to fit in with Sutton's friends.

Madeline Vega

She is with Emma at the spa when Emma questions her about Charlotte's whereabouts.

Charlotte Chamberlain

Her family is very wealthy. She hosts a sleepover a few days prior to Sutton's birthday.

Thayer Vega

He has been missing for weeks by the time Emma enters the picture.


The eighteen-year-old son of Emma's foster family when she discovers Sutton's existence.

Nisha Banerjee

Co-captain with Sutton on the tennis team, she and...

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