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Short Answer Questions

1. Whom did Garraty play doctor with when he was five years old?

2. Whose quote begins Chapter 1?

3. When the boys "wake" in Chapter 6, what does McVries offer Garraty to eat?

4. What town is mentioned in Chapter 2 as seven miles away?

5. When Chapter 8 begins, Ray vows to wait until at least what time before he eats anything?

Short Essay Questions

1. Describe Limestone.

2. What is Pearson's plan for when he feels like he can't go on and why won't it work, according to Garraty?

3. Garraty begins half-dozing while walking after leaving Caribou. What images go through his mind?

4. What happens after the remaining Walkers receive their last concentrates?

5. What does McVries compare the walk to in Chapter 14?

6. What had Garraty's girlfriend said about his going on the Long Walk?

7. What happens to the boy named Travin?

8. How does Barkovitch die?

9. In Chapter 15, who is the Vegas favorite? What are his odds and why does it look like Vegas may be right?

10. When it becomes inevitable that Scramm will die, what do the other Walkers decide to do?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Garraty is drawn to Stebbins, whom he believes is a "Buddha" with the answers. In Chapter 10, Stebbins tells Garraty to talk to Olson. Garraty asks Stebbins, "Is it a very important lesson, would you say?" Garraty then goes to Olson to learn the secret. Discuss what lessons and secrets that Garraty hopes to learn and how this scene foreshadows Olson's death.

Essay Topic 2

In Chapter 7, Garraty tells the other boys that his dad was Squaded, and Baker talks about participating in something that was a Squading offense. In this book, the author has provided clues about the Squad. Discuss what you know about the Squad, and describe what you believe "Squaded" and "Squading" refers to.

Essay Topic 3

When Mike and Scramm plan out the way they will end their lives, they sit down together to talk. However, Garraty notes that they aren't speaking the same language. What is the significance of this?

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