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Short Answer Questions

1. What is Baker regularly popping into his mouth in Chapter 8?

2. Who tries to sneak into the woods in Chapter 7?

3. When was Garraty's first real kiss and with whom?

4. Who asks the other boys about enemas?

5. Who says that if he had a dollar that he would put it on Garraty to win?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why does Garraty receive a warning in Chapter 1?

2. What happens with Hint 10 in Chapter 3?

3. Garraty begins half-dozing while walking after leaving Caribou. What images go through his mind?

4. Why does Garraty think of Stebbins as the "lean Buddha"?

5. What happens to Walker number 9?

6. Who is number 45, and what happens to him?

7. Describe McVries' breakdown in Chapter 6.

8. What is the half-track?

9. Describe Garraty's mother.

10. Describe Limestone.

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

In Chapter 3, McVries notes the passing of their first cemetery, "our first boneyard." At this point, death is not something the boys can ignore anymore. Many realize that they will most likely die before this is all over because their can only be one winner. Explain how attitudes and expectations about death change during "The Long Walk".

Essay Topic 2

When Mike and Scramm plan out the way they will end their lives, they sit down together to talk. However, Garraty notes that they aren't speaking the same language. What is the significance of this?

Essay Topic 3

Garraty is drawn to Stebbins, whom he believes is a "Buddha" with the answers. In Chapter 10, Stebbins tells Garraty to talk to Olson. Garraty asks Stebbins, "Is it a very important lesson, would you say?" Garraty then goes to Olson to learn the secret. Discuss what lessons and secrets that Garraty hopes to learn and how this scene foreshadows Olson's death.

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