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This is the state where the Long Walk begins.

Porterville, Maine

This is Garraty's hometown.

Hint 13

This hint for the Walkers recommends that Walkers conserve energy whenever possible.

Limestone City

This is the first town on the Walkers' route, right after Curley dies.


This is the place where Percy's mother almost earns a ticket from tripping a boy as she tries to find Percy.

Jefferson Plantation

This is a town located near the one hundred mile mark where Garraty almost dies after becoming hysterical.


This is a town that the Walkers pass through where a band and a high school cheer for Garraty.

Interstate 95

This is the turnpike that the Walkers take after passing through Oldtown.

Woolman's Free Trade Center Market

This is the location where Garraty's mother and girlfriend are to be waiting for him.


This is where the Long Walk ends.

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