The Long Walk Character Descriptions

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Raymond Davis Garraty - This sixteen-year-old from Maine is one of the Walkers who looks forward to seeing his mother and girlfriend when passing his hometown.

Peter McVries - Number 61 is one of the alternates who is called to fill in for someone who dropped out. He and the Walker from Maine spend much time together and help each other out.

Gary Barkovitch - Walker number 5, from Washington, D.C. isn't very well liked by any of the other Walkers, particularly when he encourages and celebrates other Walkers getting a ticket.

Stebbins - This Walker is a skinny kid who wears purple pants and eats a lot of jelly sandwiches. He is the illegitimate son of the Major.

Curley - The Number 7 Walker gets a charley horse, but recovers. When the charley horse returns, this Walker screams that it isn't fair before being shot dead.

Ewing -...

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