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Chapters 1 and 2

• Raymond Davis Garraty arrives in a guarded parking lot and is allowed to enter.

• As Garraty watches a guard eat C rations, he realizes that he's actually there and one of the Walkers.

• His mother once again asks him to change his mind, but Garraty reminds her that it's too late.

• Garraty meets a boy named McVries, and they sit next to some other boys who talk about the walk.

• A boy in a pine tree eats jelly sandwiches and watches the others; he is Stebbins.

• Hank Olson says that the secret to the walk is to adjust, but tells the others about a kid who froze at the starting line two years and was "given his ticket" two minutes after the walk started.
• The Major arrives and reminds them of Hint 13: to conserve energy whenever possible.

• He calls the boys alphabetically by last name and...

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