Objects & Places from The Leftovers

Tom Perrotta
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The Sudden Departure

This is the name given for the event on October 14, three years prior to the narrative's beginning, when millions of people disappeared from the earth.

Commemorative Parade

This event occurs in the beginning of the novel and marks the third anniversary of October 14, when millions of people disappeared from the earth.

The Leftovers

This name refers to the people who have remained on earth following the disappearance of millions on October 14.

The Guilty Remnant

This is the name of a cult-like group that rose to prominence in Mapleton in the past three years.

The Watchers

This name refers to recruits into the cult-like organization in Mapleton. These individuals wear all white. They express themselves with pencil and pad because they cannot speak and they all smoke cigarettes.


This is the cartoon that Nora Durst watches repeatedly for comfort after losing her family on October...

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