The Leftovers Character Descriptions

Tom Perrotta
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Kevin Garvey

This main character in the novel is the Mayor of Mapleton, a small town in Mid-America.

Jill Garvey

This character is a conservative seventeen-year-old girl and a straight-A student. However, everything changes drastically for her when on the Sudden Departure day, 87 of her fellow citizens of Mapleton disappear into thin air. Her distress was doubled when her mother felt compelled to join a cult to prepare for the apocalypse.

Laurie Garvey

After the Sudden Departure, this character was compelled to join a cult known as the Guilt Remnant. She left her husband and her teenage daughter behind.

Tom Garvey

This character was away at college after the Sudden Departure. His mother collapsed under the weight of her delusion and fear. He attends a talk by a cult leader and begins following him until he is arrested.

Nora Durst

This character is the Grand Marshall and keynote speaker...

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