The Leftovers Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Tom Perrotta
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Part One: Three-Year Anniversary

• The Leftovers, by Tom Perrotta, is set three years after a rapture-like event has caused “The Departure” of millions of people from earth.

• On the first annual Departed Heroes’ Day of Remembrance and Reflection, Mayor Kevin Garvey tries to avoid Revered Matt Jamison of the Zion Bible Church but is unable to.

• Matt thrusts a newsletter in Kevin’s face claiming with a headline that reads, “October 14th was not the rapture!”

• Kevin has had a rough year with his seventeen-year-old daughter Jill, who has violated her curfew repeatedly, shaved her head, and spent too much time partying with her friend Aimee.

• Jill had been an Eyewitness; she and Jen had been together on October 14th, laughing and watching TV when suddenly Jen was gone and Jill was screaming.

• Kevin lost his wife to the Guilty Remnant (GR).

• Aimee introduced Jill to the party...

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