Objects & Places from The Last Song

Nicholas Sparks (author)
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During the final months of Steve's illness, Ronnie finally investigates these objects.


Steve begins creating this shortly after Ronnie and Jonah arrive in North Carolina, but struggles to get it just right.


Steve has this object in his house that he often plays to keep the pain from his cancer under control.


Marcus and his friends do an act on the pier with these objects to earn money.

Pastor Harris' Church

This building is located on the beach and was severely damaged in a fire the spring before the novel begins.

Stained Glass Window

Steve Miller is making this object to replace one that was lost in a fire.

Turtle Nest

Ronnie and Steve find this object on the beach near the back of Steve's house early in "The Last Song".

CDs and 45s

Blaze puts a bunch of these objects in Ronnie's purse...

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