The Last Song Character Descriptions

Nicholas Sparks (author)
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Ronnie Miller

When this protagonist of the novel was younger, she began to play the piano and quickly proved to be something of a prodigy.

Steve Miller

This character does all he can do to make his children happy when they come to spend the summer with him, but in the end is forced to tell the children the truth about his cancer and his prognosis.

Will Blakelee

This character is a child of privilege who has grown up in this small coastal community.

Galadriel aka Blaze

This character is a girl with a great deal in common with protagonist; her parents have also divorced and she has not taken it well.


This character is a young sociopath and pyromaniac who lives in the coastal community where the novel takes place.

Kim Miller

This character is the mother of the protagonist.

Jonah Miller

This character is the...

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