Objects & Places from The Last Lecture

Randy Pausch
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This was where Randy lived with his wife before he was diagnosed with his illness.

Southeastern VA

This was where the family moved so that his wife could be closer to her relatives after Randy passed away.

Columbia, MD

This was where Randy grew up in the comfortable middle class.

Stuffed animals

These were a sign of a successful person to Randy. He gave his out to students during a lecture.

Ceramic salt and pepper shaker

This was what Randy and his sister bought for their parents at Walt Disney World.

Pancreatic cancer

This was what Randy was diagnosed with, shortening his life dramatically.


Randy had ten of these.


This was what Randy took his niece and nephew out in. He poured soda all over it.


These were what Randy had to sort through before he did his lecture.


This was the program...

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