The Last Lecture Character Descriptions

Randy Pausch
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Randy Pausch

This person looked very healthy from the outside, but he had ten tumors on his liver.


This person was adventurous and went up in a hot air balloon after she got married.

Jeffrey Zaslow

This person was a columnist for the Wall Street Journal.

Michele Reiss

This person was the psychotherapist who helped a couple face an impending death.


This person was very curious and wanted to explore everything.


To this person everything was an adventure, even his birth.


This person was eighteen months old when at the last lecture.


This person was a tough, old-school English teacher.


This person was a World War II medic who was generous, wise, and humble.


This person once pooled her money to purchase a gift for her parents in Disney World.

Jack Sheriff

This person was a high school friend.

Scott Sherman

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