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Short Answer Questions

1. Where does Degarmo write down the information Marlowe gives about his client?

2. What is Mrs. Grayson doing, when Marlowe comes to visit the Graysons?

3. What does Marlowe think of Degarmo's tactics?

4. Does Kingsley say he was in Bay City the previous night?

5. When Marlowe awakes, what does the picture he sees portray?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Marlowe get out of the apartment at the Granada?

2. How does Grayson describe Dr. Almore's practice?

3. Who is in the Peacock Lounge when Marlowe comes in?

4. What does Marlowe notice happening on the street as he tries to talk to Mrs. Talley?

5. After Patton shoots at Degarmo, what does Degarmo do?

6. As Degarmo seemingly gets away, what sentiment does Marlowe utter twice?

7. What reason does Marlowe give to Degarmo for telling Degarmo all Marlowe suspects, on the ride up to Kingsley's cabin?

8. How does the desk sergeant annoy Degarmo?

9. What is the big coincidence that Marlowe identifies in the case?

10. Why is Marlowe surprised that Mrs. Kingsley would need money from her husband?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Marlowe learns the truth through investigation and interviewing. Discuss investigation and interviewing in the novel.

1) What techniques does Marlowe use to investigate? How does he approach interviewing people?

2) How do Marlowe's interviewing techniques vary in different situations, with different people?

3) What information is Marlowe able to acquire by talking to people? What makes his interviews effective or ineffective?

Essay Topic 2

The Lady in the Lake is a hardboiled detective thriller. Discuss the novel's genre and how it is implemented in the novel.

1) In what ways is Marlowe characteristic of a detective in a "hardboiled" detective novel? How does he differ from other detectives in the genre?

2) How is the plot of The Lady in the Lake characteristic of a "hardboiled" detective novel? How does it differ from other examples of the genre?

3) How is the structure of the Lady in the Lake characteristic of a "hardboiled" detective novel? How does it differ from other examples of the genre?

4) What other characteristics of the genre, such as tone, mood, and setting, does the novel exemplify?

Essay Topic 3

Phillip Marlowe is the central character of the novel, and the whole plot is seen through his eyes. Discuss Marlowe's character.

1) How does Marlowe deal with his job, including managing clients, dealing with the police, and handling danger?

2) What is Marlowe's moral and ethical code? How does that code drive his actions?

3) What qualities does Marlowe have that make him a good detective? What does his job demand from him?

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