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Short Answer Questions

1. When Marlowe reveals that Mrs. Kingsley has been dead for over a month, what does Kingsley do with his hands?

2. What is Marlowe's cellmate doing?

3. What does Marlowe think of Degarmo's tactics?

4. What did Talley steal from Florence Almore's body?

5. By what nickname does Miss Fromsett call Derace Kingsley?

Short Essay Questions

1. As Degarmo seemingly gets away, what sentiment does Marlowe utter twice?

2. How does Marlowe get out of the apartment at the Granada?

3. What conditions does Marlowe discover in the apartment he enters after leaving the murdered woman's apartment?

4. How does Degarmo react when Marlowe tells him about Mrs. Fallbrook?

5. According to Marlowe, why did Muriel Chess have an affair with Lavery?

6. How does the desk sergeant annoy Degarmo?

7. What does Marlowe say about Muriel's explanation of why she went back to Lavery's the morning after the murder?

8. Who is in the Peacock Lounge when Marlowe comes in?

9. What does Degarmo do when Patton makes it clear that he can't let Degarmo go?

10. What is the reaction of the younger policeman, Eddie, when he sees the gun on the table?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

The story behind The Lady in the Lake is one of relationships: husbands and wives, lovers, and jealous rivals. Discuss relationships in the novel.

1) What do men and women want from relationships in the novel?

2) Discuss Lavery's relationships. Who is Lavery? What do women want from him? What does Lavery expect out of relationships?

3) Do romantic relationships lead to happiness in the novel? Why or why not?

Essay Topic 2

The mystery in the novel is created through deception. Discuss deception in the novel.

1) How are appearances deceptive in the novel? How does Marlowe deal with and untangle deceptive appearances?

2) How do characters in the novel deceive each other? What are the motives for deceit?

3) In what ways is Marlowe deceptive? Why? Is deception merely an ethically neutral tool, or is it a bad thing?

Essay Topic 3

Phillip Marlowe is the central character of the novel, and the whole plot is seen through his eyes. Discuss Marlowe's character.

1) How does Marlowe deal with his job, including managing clients, dealing with the police, and handling danger?

2) What is Marlowe's moral and ethical code? How does that code drive his actions?

3) What qualities does Marlowe have that make him a good detective? What does his job demand from him?

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