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Short Answer Questions

1. What does Marlowe identify as Bill's biggest problem, if he killed Muriel?

2. What are the initials on the handkerchief Marlowe finds in Lavery's room?

3. What is Miss Fromsett's alibi for Lavery's murder?

4. What is significant about the inscription on the gold heart Marlowe finds?

5. How well does Miss Fromsett say she knew Mrs. Almore?

Short Essay Questions

1. What reason does Sheriff Patton give why Bill might have stayed in town if he killed his wife?

2. Where is Lavery going, when he leaves the house?

3. What reasons does Marlowe give that Lavery might be lying?

4. How does Miss Fromsett describe Florence Almore?

5. What encounter did Kingsley have, that made him worried about his wife?

6. How would you characterize the way that Miss Fromsett treats Marlowe?

7. What items of interest does Marlowe find in Lavery's closet?

8. How does the woman in Lavery's house leave?

9. What does Marlowe say that they'll have to do to get financial information about Kingsley's wife?

10. What gives Marlowe a scare while he is searching the Chesses' cabin?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Mildred Haviland is a character, though she is not seen during most of the novel. Her story is the primary story Marlowe is uncovering. Discuss Mildred Haviland's character.

1) What is Mildred Haviland's motivation for murder? What makes her a killer?

2) Mildred Haviland is only seen under false identities. Why does she acquire false identities? What are the implications of her acting capabilities?

3) What does the reader know about Mildred Haviland's true character? How does the reader get to know her character? How does Marlowe get to know her character?

Essay Topic 2

Discuss the treatment of women and the idea of the femme fatale in the novel.

1) What are the women in the novel like? Are there positive and negative women characters, and what are their qualities? How do they compare to real women?

2) Who in the novel is a femme fatale? How is any femme fatale in the novel similar to and different from the archetype of the femme fatale?

3) How do women treat men in the novel? How do men treat women?

Essay Topic 3

The Lady in the Lake involves characters changing and hiding their Identities. Discuss the concept of identity in the novel.

1) How is identity obscured in the novel? Who attempts to obscure their identity, and why?

2) How do the characters know others' identities? How do characters create their identities?

3) How does Marlowe formulate his own identity? How do others perceive him?

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