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Short Answer Questions

1. Where does Almore watch from, as the big, blond, blue-eyed man accosts Marlowe?

2. How much money does Marlowe ask for as a retainer?

3. Who found Florence Almore's body?

4. When Marlowe returns to Lavery's house, what does he notice about the door?

5. Where does the Prescott Hotel bellhop say he's from?

Short Essay Questions

1. Where is Lavery going, when he leaves the house?

2. How would you characterize the way that Miss Fromsett treats Marlowe?

3. How does Marlowe treat the bellhop captain?

4. How does Kingsley act, when Marlowe first meets him?

5. What does Bill Chess do to himself, after shouting at the sheriff to arrest him?

6. How does Marlowe handle his long wait in Kingsley's office lobby?

7. How does Marlowe know the name of the person who lives across the street from Lavery?

8. How does the woman in Lavery's house leave?

9. Under what terms does Marlowe accept the offer of five hundred dollars from Kingsley?

10. How does Bill Chess respond when Marlowe asks if Muriel and Crystal might have gone away together?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

The novel is full of clues and implications inherent in events that Marlowe must interpret in order to find the truth. Discuss clues and implications in the novel.

1) How are clues that Marlowe finds deceptive? How do they give hints to the truth? How does Marlowe discern one from the other?

2) What does Marlowe infer from others' behavior? How is he able to make these inferences?

3) What does Marlowe infer from activity that he observes around him? How is observation and inference related? What skills does Marlowe use to make these inferences?

Essay Topic 2

The Lady in the Lake is written in the first person narrative point of view, from the perspective of Marlowe. Discuss the novel's point of view.

1) Why does the author choose the first person narrative point of view? Why is the story told from Marlowe's perspective?

2) What does Marlowe reveal to the reader, as narrator, and when? What does Marlowe keep hidden from the reader, though he may know it himself?

3) How does the first person narration affect the tone of the novel? How is it appropriate to the genre?

Essay Topic 3

The story behind The Lady in the Lake is one of relationships: husbands and wives, lovers, and jealous rivals. Discuss relationships in the novel.

1) What do men and women want from relationships in the novel?

2) Discuss Lavery's relationships. Who is Lavery? What do women want from him? What does Lavery expect out of relationships?

3) Do romantic relationships lead to happiness in the novel? Why or why not?

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