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Short Answer Questions

1. What is Miss Fromsett's alibi for Lavery's murder?

2. What does Marlowe find out about De Soto when he calls the police department?

3. When was the party that Kingsley's wife was supposed to go to, but that she never showed up for?

4. What icon does Marlowe have on the business card that he doesn't give to Adrienne Fromsett?

5. What does the sheriff imply about Bill's note from Muriel?

Short Essay Questions

1. What reasons does Marlowe give that Lavery might be lying?

2. At the end of chapter fourteen, what does Marlowe tell Kingsley is his next step?

3. How does Miss Fromsett describe Florence Almore?

4. What do Bill Chess's wife and Kingsley's wife have in common?

5. How does Kingsley act, when Marlowe first meets him?

6. What does Lavery look like?

7. What gives Marlowe a scare while he is searching the Chesses' cabin?

8. What things does Marlowe list that might have happened to Kingsley's wife?

9. What does Marlowe ask about that Lavery seems to react to, as if it makes him think or wonder something he's not saying?

10. Where do Marlowe and Birdie go to talk?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Marlowe's job puts him into dangerous situations. Discuss danger in the novel.

1) What causes danger in the novel? How is danger inherent in Marlowe's work?

2) How does Marlowe react to dangerous situations? What are his emotional responses? What are his intellectual responses, and what action does he take?

3) How do the antagonists in the novel react when they are in danger?

Essay Topic 2

The Lady in the Lake is a hardboiled detective thriller. Discuss the novel's genre and how it is implemented in the novel.

1) In what ways is Marlowe characteristic of a detective in a "hardboiled" detective novel? How does he differ from other detectives in the genre?

2) How is the plot of The Lady in the Lake characteristic of a "hardboiled" detective novel? How does it differ from other examples of the genre?

3) How is the structure of the Lady in the Lake characteristic of a "hardboiled" detective novel? How does it differ from other examples of the genre?

4) What other characteristics of the genre, such as tone, mood, and setting, does the novel exemplify?

Essay Topic 3

Throughout the novel, Phillip Marlowe encounters corruption, both moral and ethical. Discuss corruption in the novel.

1) How are the police in the novel corrupt, and how does Marlowe perceive that corruption?

2) What kinds of moral corruption does Marlowe face among the people he comes into contact with? How is that moral corruption related to the corruption of the police?

3) How does Marlowe deal with temptations to corruption, such as Kingsley offering him money to cover up a murder?

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