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Short Answer Questions

1. Is the Prescott Hotel bellhop able to identify Crystal Kingsley from Marlowe's photograph?

2. How many bullet holes are there in Lavery's chest?

3. Why did Lavery think about marrying Crystal Kingsley?

4. How many cars is the garage at Almore's house built to hold?

5. What does Marlowe say he's come to see Lavery about?

Short Essay Questions

1. What excuse does Bill Chess give for his erratic behavior?

2. Why does Marlowe initially sit in his car after visiting Lavery?

3. What does Marlowe say to do about the handkerchief.

4. How would you characterize the way that Miss Fromsett treats Marlowe?

5. What reasons does Marlowe give that Lavery might be lying?

6. How does Marlowe handle his long wait in Kingsley's office lobby?

7. What do Bill Chess's wife and Kingsley's wife have in common?

8. What does Marlowe ask about that Lavery seems to react to, as if it makes him think or wonder something he's not saying?

9. What does Bill Chess do to himself, after shouting at the sheriff to arrest him?

10. How does Marlowe treat the bellhop captain?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

As a crime novel, The Lady in the Lake is concerned with justice. Discuss justice in the novel.

1) What does Marlowe consider justice to be?

2) How does the law deliver justice, or does it? What is the relationship between the law and justice?

3) Does the novel deliver justice to its characters? In what ways?

Essay Topic 2

Throughout the novel, Phillip Marlowe encounters corruption, both moral and ethical. Discuss corruption in the novel.

1) How are the police in the novel corrupt, and how does Marlowe perceive that corruption?

2) What kinds of moral corruption does Marlowe face among the people he comes into contact with? How is that moral corruption related to the corruption of the police?

3) How does Marlowe deal with temptations to corruption, such as Kingsley offering him money to cover up a murder?

Essay Topic 3

The story behind The Lady in the Lake is one of relationships: husbands and wives, lovers, and jealous rivals. Discuss relationships in the novel.

1) What do men and women want from relationships in the novel?

2) Discuss Lavery's relationships. Who is Lavery? What do women want from him? What does Lavery expect out of relationships?

3) Do romantic relationships lead to happiness in the novel? Why or why not?

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