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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When Marlowe returns to Lavery's house to report the murder, what sound does he hear in the quiet house?
(a) The buzz of bees from the back yard.
(b) Dripping water from the bathroom.
(c) The hum of a heater in the bedroom.
(d) The ticking of a clock in the living room.

2. Where does Marlowe say Patton could look for evidence that Degarmo is the killer?
(a) Under the fingernails of Degarmo's right hand.
(b) On the back of Degarmo's neck.
(c) On Degarmo's chest.
(d) On the butt of Degarmo's gun.

3. Where is Mrs. Kingsley's body, when Marlowe awakes?
(a) On the floor.
(b) On a bed.
(c) On a couch.
(d) In the bathtub.

4. What evidence does Marlowe have that Degarmo killed his wife?
(a) Degarmo left traces on the victim's clothing.
(b) Degarmo left matches at the crime scene.
(c) Degarmo knew Marlowe was hit on the head without looking.
(d) Degarmo was the only one who could have called in the murder.

5. Who do the Graysons suspect Dr. Almore of having an affair with?
(a) Crystal Kingsley.
(b) Mildred Haviland.
(c) Miss Fromsett.
(d) A woman whose name neither one knows.

6. What does Marlowe do when Webber asks him to promise to keep what he's told Marlowe quiet?
(a) Marlowe promises, but he is lying.
(b) Marlowe gives his sincere promise to Webber.
(c) Marlowe nods but doesn't promise.
(d) Marlowe tells Webber that he can't promise.

7. What is Degarmo's status with the police at the time of the murder Marlowe is framed for?
(a) He is under an official behavioral warning.
(b) He is confined to desk duty.
(c) He is suspended.
(d) He has been demoted.

8. What time is it when Marlowe looks at his watch in the jail cell?
(a) Nine fifty-four.
(b) Ten thirty-five.
(c) Eight twenty-three.
(d) Eleven sixteen.

9. Who breaks the news to Kingsley that his wife is dead?
(a) Degarmo.
(b) Marlowe.
(c) Sheriff Patton.
(d) Andy.

10. How long does Mrs. Talley say she has been sick?
(a) A week.
(b) A month.
(c) Forever.
(d) A year.

11. Who calls Sheriff Patton's office to tell them where Degarmo is?
(a) A cop from San Bernardino.
(b) A reporter from the local paper.
(c) One of the cabin owners up at the lake.
(d) The sergeant in charge of the Puma Lake dam sentries.

12. Where is Derace Kingsley when Degarmo and Marlowe get to the cabin?
(a) Asleep in a chair.
(b) Asleep in the tub.
(c) Asleep in the bed.
(d) Asleep on the floor.

13. What does Marlowe do when Mrs. Kingsley mentions the scarf he's wearing?
(a) He takes it off and holds it in his hands.
(b) He takes it off and wraps it around her neck.
(c) He takes it off and puts it in his pocket.
(d) He takes it off and throws it on the floor.

14. What does Marlowe think of Degarmo's tactics?
(a) He thinks Degarmo's tactics are clever.
(b) He thinks Degarmo's tactics are funny.
(c) He thinks Degarmo's tactics are stupid.
(d) He thinks Degarmo's tactics are sly.

15. Does Marlowe think Mrs. Almore was alive when she was brought to the garage?
(a) No, he thinks she had been poisoned.
(b) Yes, he thinks she was awake.
(c) No, he thinks she had been gassed upstairs.
(d) Yes, he thinks she was in a morphine coma.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Captain Webber think of the investigation of Mrs. Almore's death?

2. What does Marlowe believe Almore saw?

3. What does Mr. Grayson smoke while talking to Marlowe?

4. What does Mrs. Kingsley do when Marlowe tells her Bill says she made a pass at him?

5. Why does Cooney want to beat up Marlowe, after Dobbs tells him to stop?

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