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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Marlowe hear as he sits in his jail cell?
(a) A guard laughing.
(b) A harmonica playing.
(c) A man rattling on the bars.
(d) A woman screaming.

2. Who calls Sheriff Patton's office to tell them where Degarmo is?
(a) The sergeant in charge of the Puma Lake dam sentries.
(b) A reporter from the local paper.
(c) One of the cabin owners up at the lake.
(d) A cop from San Bernardino.

3. What is Dobbs doing in two weeks?
(a) He's going to work as a security guard.
(b) He's retiring.
(c) He's getting promoted.
(d) He's going into the army.

4. What does Marlowe do when Mrs. Kingsley mentions the scarf he's wearing?
(a) He takes it off and holds it in his hands.
(b) He takes it off and puts it in his pocket.
(c) He takes it off and throws it on the floor.
(d) He takes it off and wraps it around her neck.

5. What is Degarmo's status with the police at the time of the murder Marlowe is framed for?
(a) He has been demoted.
(b) He is under an official behavioral warning.
(c) He is confined to desk duty.
(d) He is suspended.

6. What prevents Degarmo from getting away?
(a) He drives recklessly fast.
(b) He doesn't stop for the dam sentries.
(c) He runs out of gas.
(d) He tries to take a back road that he doesn't know.

7. Where does Marlowe say Patton could look for evidence that Degarmo is the killer?
(a) Under the fingernails of Degarmo's right hand.
(b) On the back of Degarmo's neck.
(c) On the butt of Degarmo's gun.
(d) On Degarmo's chest.

8. Who does Marlowe believe Muriel Chess, a.k.a. Mildred Haviland, wrote to for money?
(a) Lavery.
(b) Mrs. Kingsley.
(c) Dr. Almore.
(d) Degarmo.

9. What time do Degarmo and Marlowe arrive at Miss Fromsett's apartment building, according to the clerk's wristwatch?
(a) Four twenty-three in the morning.
(b) Three fifty-four in the morning.
(c) Two fourty-six in the morning.
(d) Three seventeen in the morning.

10. What does Marlowe see of Patton drawing his weapon?
(a) Him pulling up his weapon to fire.
(b) Nothing.
(c) Him pulling the trigger.
(d) Him reaching for his holster.

11. Is Marlowe charged with a crime?
(a) Yes, but the paperwork gets "lost."
(b) No, because Webber intervenes before the papers are filed.
(c) Yes, but the charges are dropped after he talks with Webber.
(d) No, he is never officially booked.

12. When Marlowe brushes his hair, what does he notice about it?
(a) It needs to be cut.
(b) It's got a lot of gray in it.
(c) It needs to be washed.
(d) It's got blood in it.

13. By what nickname does Miss Fromsett call Derace Kingsley?
(a) King.
(b) Dirk.
(c) Derry.
(d) D.K.

14. What does Patton say about his stomach?
(a) It's been growling all morning, waiting for Degarmo and Marlowe.
(b) His belly keeps growing and growing from sitting behind a desk.
(c) It tells him that Kingsley's no murderer.
(d) His big belly makes a nice target.

15. What choice does Marlowe give the woman he meets at the Peacock Lounge?
(a) She must talk with either him or the cops.
(b) She must either come with him, or he'll take her by force.
(c) She must either talk with her husband or get no money.
(d) She must either give herself up, or he'll turn her in.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does H.G. Talbot's shirt fit Marlowe?

2. What misleading statement does Marlowe give Degarmo?

3. What does Webber take off his desk and break, more than once during his interview with Marlowe?

4. Who is the envelope Marlowe finds in his office from?

5. What does Marlowe think of Degarmo's tactics?

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