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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When does Marlowe tell Chess that Kingsley's wife is missing?
(a) When Chess asks why Marlowe wants to be left alone in the house.
(b) When Chess asks why Marlowe is looking though Mrs. Kingsley's clothes.
(c) When Chess asks why Kingsley sent him.
(d) When Chess sees Marlowe's detective license.

2. How does Marlowe open the window of Bill Chess's cabin?
(a) With a knife.
(b) With his fist.
(c) With a lockpick.
(d) With a rock.

3. Degarmo asks Marlowe if someone hired him. Who?
(a) "Her" husband.
(b) "Her" boyfriend.
(c) "Her" lawyer.
(d) "Her" parents.

4. When Marlowe confronts Kingsley with the gun from Lavery's, does Kingsley recognize it?
(a) No, he's certain he's never seen it before.
(b) Yes, he says it's his gun.
(c) Yes, he says it's his wife's gun.
(d) No, he can't be sure.

5. What do most of the Athletic Club members seem to do in the club library?
(a) Talk.
(b) Drink.
(c) Sleep.
(d) Read.

6. How many bullet holes are there in Lavery's chest?
(a) Four.
(b) Three.
(c) Five.
(d) Two.

7. What does Marlowe find in Muriel Chess's bedroom that he thinks she wouldn't have left behind?
(a) An expensive necklace.
(b) A silk slip.
(c) A fashionable new hat.
(d) A tailored suit.

8. Why does Marlowe decide that Almore must know Lavery?
(a) Because their houses look so similar to each other.
(b) Because he sees a note from Almore in Lavery's house.
(c) Because they have the only two houses on the block.
(d) Because of how Almore looks at him.

9. What is significant about the inscription on the gold heart Marlowe finds?
(a) The name Al.
(b) The date June 28.
(c) The year 1938.
(d) The name Mildred.

10. Where does Almore watch from, as the big, blond, blue-eyed man accosts Marlowe?
(a) His window.
(b) His garage.
(c) His car.
(d) His porch.

11. Did anyone tell Muriel about the man who was possibly looking for her, according to Birdie?
(a) Birdie did.
(b) Jim Patton did.
(c) No one Birdie knows of did.
(d) Bill Chess did.

12. What reason doe Bill Chess at first assume Marlowe might want to look at the cabin?
(a) Because he might want to buy it.
(b) Because he might find a clue to Crystal Kingsley's whereabouts.
(c) Because he might be interested in architecture.
(d) Because he might be an inspector.

13. Where was Crystal Kingsley's car discovered?
(a) The Tuscany Hotel.
(b) The Austin Arms Resort.
(c) The Montaign Hotel.
(d) The Prescott Hotel.

14. What does Bill Chess throw in the water to recover the body?
(a) A tree branch.
(b) A plank of wood.
(c) A metal pipe.
(d) A large stone.

15. Where does Miss Fromsett say she'll look for the name of Mrs. Almore's parents?
(a) In the death records at the town hall.
(b) In the marriage registry at the town hall.
(c) In a death notice in the LA papers.
(d) In the funeral records at the local churches.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Marlowe tell Birdie?

2. Why does Marlowe wipe the gun down with a handkerchief?

3. When Marlowe returns to the lake with the police, what has Bill Chess done?

4. What was the detective who Mrs. Almore's parents hired to investigate her death sent to jail for?

5. Who found Florence Almore's body?

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