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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where does Miss Fromsett say she'll look for the name of Mrs. Almore's parents?
(a) In the death records at the town hall.
(b) In a death notice in the LA papers.
(c) In the marriage registry at the town hall.
(d) In the funeral records at the local churches.

2. What does Marlowe find in Muriel Chess's bedroom that he thinks she wouldn't have left behind?
(a) A tailored suit.
(b) A silk slip.
(c) A fashionable new hat.
(d) An expensive necklace.

3. What does Derace Kingsley's company make?
(a) Cloth and yarn.
(b) Beauty products.
(c) Automotive products.
(d) Bottles and packaging.

4. What does Marlowe tell Birdie?
(a) Marlowe tells Birdie the whole story, including why he's there and Chess's affair with Crystal.
(b) Marlowe tells Birdie nothing, saying he'll let the sheriff decide what to tell her.
(c) Marlowe confirms that Muriel's body was discovered but will say nothing else.
(d) Marlowe tells Birdie what happened at the lake, leaving out his profession and why he's there.

5. Where do Marlowe and Miss Fromsett go to talk privately?
(a) Into a supply room.
(b) Into Kingsley's office.
(c) Into a luchroom.
(d) Into an empty conference room.

6. Who does Marlowe suggest to Miss Fromsett might have killed Lavery, aside from Mrs. Kingsley?
(a) Mr. Kingsley.
(b) Bill Chess.
(c) A stranger.
(d) Dr. Almore.

7. Who found Florence Almore's body?
(a) Chris Lavery.
(b) Miss Fromsett.
(c) Dr. Almore.
(d) Lou Condy.

8. What is on the mirror-topped table in Lavery's bedroom?
(a) A sculpture of a dove and one of a fox.
(b) A purple water bowl and pitcher.
(c) A crystal greyhound and a crystal cigarette box.
(d) A wooden pipe and a tobacco pouch.

9. When Kingsley leaves his office, where does he tell Miss Fromsett he is going?
(a) To get a newspaper.
(b) To buy cigarettes.
(c) To get his hair cut.
(d) Home.

10. What building is Derace Kingsley's office in?
(a) The Treloar Building.
(b) The Bristow Building.
(c) The Lindstrom Building.
(d) Th Gillerlain Building.

11. After finding the gold heart, who does Marlowe speculate killed Muriel?
(a) Kingsley.
(b) Mildred.
(c) A man from her past.
(d) The sheriff.

12. What does Marlowe ask the Prescott Hotel bellhop to bring?
(a) The hotel register.
(b) Ginger ale, glasses, and ice.
(c) Extra blankets.
(d) A steak dinner and beer.

13. What is on the walls of Bill Chess's bedroom?
(a) Botanical prints of local plants.
(b) Reproductions of classical paintings.
(c) Photographs of Bill's family.
(d) A set of war maps.

14. How much did Marlowe overpay for his phone call?
(a) Twenty cents.
(b) Ten cents.
(c) Fifteen cents.
(d) Five cents.

15. Where does the police lieutenant who comes to see Marlowe say he's from?
(a) The California Bureau of Investigation.
(b) The Private Investigator's Licensing Bureau.
(c) The Central Detective Bureau.
(d) The Bay City Petty Crimes Division.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who does the police lieutenant who comes to see Marlowe say will want to talk to Marlowe before the inquest?

2. Why did Lavery think about marrying Crystal Kingsley?

3. What evidence does Marlowe think makes Bill unlikely to have murdered his wife?

4. How much money does Marlowe ask for as a retainer?

5. When Marlowe returns to Lavery's house, what does he notice about the door?

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