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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When does Marlowe tell Chess that Kingsley's wife is missing?
(a) When Chess asks why Kingsley sent him.
(b) When Chess sees Marlowe's detective license.
(c) When Chess asks why Marlowe is looking though Mrs. Kingsley's clothes.
(d) When Chess asks why Marlowe wants to be left alone in the house.

2. What reason does Lavery give that Crystal Kingsley might have wanted to get back at him?
(a) She saw him with someone else.
(b) He fought with her, and they broke up.
(c) He stole money from her.
(d) He stood her up.

3. What does Marlowe tell Birdie?
(a) Marlowe tells Birdie the whole story, including why he's there and Chess's affair with Crystal.
(b) Marlowe tells Birdie what happened at the lake, leaving out his profession and why he's there.
(c) Marlowe tells Birdie nothing, saying he'll let the sheriff decide what to tell her.
(d) Marlowe confirms that Muriel's body was discovered but will say nothing else.

4. What does Marlowe hear as he approaches the nearest cabin at the lake?
(a) A motorboat in the water.
(b) A bear somewhere in the woods.
(c) The sound of a chainsaw.
(d) Someone using an axe.

5. What fish does Chess say are in the lake?
(a) None.
(b) Some smart old trout.
(c) A lot of young salmon.
(d) A smattering of small bass.

6. What is Miss Fromsett's alibi for Lavery's murder?
(a) She was at a drug store.
(b) She was at the office.
(c) She was at a beauty salon.
(d) She was at a restaurant.

7. What does Degarmo accuse Marlowe of?
(a) Loitering.
(b) Being a public nuissance.
(c) Casing Lavery's house.
(d) Casing Almore's house.

8. Why did Lavery think about marrying Crystal Kingsley?
(a) Because she has wild ideas.
(b) Because she has money.
(c) Because she has beauty.
(d) Because she has brains.

9. Where does the Prescott Hotel bellhop say he's from?
(a) Rock Cove, Maine.
(b) Portland, Oregon.
(c) Amarillo, Texas.
(d) Short Springs, Kentucky.

10. What reason doe Bill Chess at first assume Marlowe might want to look at the cabin?
(a) Because he might find a clue to Crystal Kingsley's whereabouts.
(b) Because he might be interested in architecture.
(c) Because he might be an inspector.
(d) Because he might want to buy it.

11. Where does the black Cadillac coupe come from that drives by Marlowe, as he is knocking at Lavery's door?
(a) The cross-street to the north.
(b) The house across the street from Lavery's.
(c) The house next to Lavery's.
(d) The cross-street to the south.

12. What happens when Marlowe knocks and rings at Lavery's door?
(a) Lavery answers immediately.
(b) Nothing, at first, and then Lavery looks out at him.
(c) Nothing, and Marlowe must go around the house to find Lavery.
(d) Nothing, and Marlowe must come back later to find Lavery.

13. What does Marlowe ask about that makes Bill Chess get defensive?
(a) Whether Kingsley comes up often.
(b) Whether the beds are comfortable.
(c) Whether there is central heating.
(d) Whether Chess has lived there long.

14. What clue does Marlowe see that Lavery was up at Little Fawn Lake?
(a) An arrangement of pine cones.
(b) An arrangement of lilac.
(c) A spray of dogwood.
(d) A spray of manzanita.

15. What icon does Marlowe have on the business card that he doesn't give to Adrienne Fromsett?
(a) A magnifying glass.
(b) A large eye.
(c) A tommy gun.
(d) A fingerprint.

Short Answer Questions

1. How much money does Marlowe ask for as a retainer?

2. What are the initials on the handkerchief Marlowe finds in Lavery's room?

3. What room does Marlowe find locked?

4. Did anyone tell Muriel about the man who was possibly looking for her, according to Birdie?

5. Degarmo asks Marlowe if someone hired him. Who?

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