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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters Thirty-three - Thirty-five.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What time is it when Marlowe looks at his watch in the jail cell?
(a) Ten thirty-five.
(b) Eight twenty-three.
(c) Nine fifty-four.
(d) Eleven sixteen.

2. When Marlowe awakes, what does he reek of?
(a) Rum.
(b) Gin.
(c) Tequilla.
(d) Vodka.

3. How much money does Marlowe ask for as a retainer?
(a) A hundred dollars.
(b) A hundred and fifty dollars.
(c) Fifty dollars.
(d) Two hundred dollars.

4. What nationality is the boy who comes into the Peacock Lounge to sell papers?
(a) Mexican.
(b) Irish.
(c) Polish.
(d) Italian.

5. What color is the scarf Miss Fromsett gives Marlowe to wear, to identify him?
(a) Blue and purple.
(b) Orange and red.
(c) Green and yellow.
(d) Black and gold.

Short Answer Questions

1. Does Marlowe think Mrs. Almore was alive when she was brought to the garage?

2. What does Marlowe tell Birdie?

3. What is Degarmo's status with the police at the time of the murder Marlowe is framed for?

4. What is on the porch at the bungalow in Westmore Street where Marlowe goes looking for Talley?

5. What does Mrs. Talley threaten to do if Marlowe won't leave?

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