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The Treloar Building - This is the building in which Derace Kingsley runs his successful perfume business.

The Gillerlain Company - This is the name of Kingsley's business.

Puma Point - This is a village about three miles from Kingsley's cabin.

Little Fawn Lake - This is a private lake on Kingsley's property. It is in this lake that Crystal Kingsley's body is found.

The Prescott Hotel - This is the building where Crystal Kingsley's car is abandoned in the parking garage.

623 Altair Street in Bay City - This is Chris Lavery's home.

Cahuenga Building - This is the building in Los Angeles where Marlowe's office is located.

Puma Lake Dam - Three armed guards are posted here, on the road that crosses the lake.

Underwater Flooring - What appears to be this in Little Fawn Lake actually used to be a boat landing. It is under...

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