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Lady in the Lake Movie Poster

Create a movie poster for your film version of The Lady in the Lake. Include an image, title, description, and cast. Separately, explain what choices you made for your movie and why.

Alternate Ending

Write an alternate ending for The Lady in the Lake, with a different fate for Degarmo.

Love Affair for Marlowe

Marlowe doesn't have a romantic interest in The Lady in the Lake, and you are going to add one. Create a new character or modify the existing story to add a love affair for Marlowe. Who is his love interest, and how does the affair develop and end?

Kingsley's Future

Write a letter from Kingsley to Marlowe five years from now, telling Marlowe about the changes in Kingsley's life after the novel ends.

Miss Fromsett's Love Letters

Write three love letters from Miss Fromsett to Lavery, at the...

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