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Short Answer Questions

1. What economic goal did the Revolution have?

2. Where have the great revolutions of the 20th Century occurred?

3. In Paz's estimation, why do the common people follow their revolutionary leaders?

4. On what does Paz blame "the rather zigzag progress of the state"? Chapter Eight, page 181).

5. What happened to the people annexed by greater world powers?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does unemployment on the farms affect the cities? How does it slow all of Mexico's development?

2. What did Article 3 of the new Constitution mandate? What troubles did that Article cause?

3. What happened when Spanish America separated itself from Spain? Given what Paz has stated throughout the book about that moment in history, draw your own conclusions about why that happened.

4. How does Paz define "Mexicanism"? How does it mesh with the individual whom he had described earlier?

5. What does Paz think of the Soviet Union? How does it compare to Mexico?

6. How does Paz explain the suicides of the Aztec people? Is it a reasonable explanation?

7. Why could Mexico not have progressed as far as she has today if she were working within capitalism?

8. Despite Mexico's advancements, where does she still stand on the world spectrum? How can she change her placement?

9. What role did Catholicism play in the lives of the conquering Spaniards? Was that role contradictory?

10. When did Independence begin in Mexico? How was it similar to or different from the Conquest?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

In modern Mexico, what are the contrasting ways of thinking (pg 119-20)? In that context, is Spanish heritage good? How do those two mindsets continue to influence current politics and thought?

Essay Topic 2

In Paz's arguments, how important is the Mexican sense of place? What affects it? What is its most important aspect? Explain the sense of place in the greater context of the Mexican mindset that Paz presents throughout the book.

Essay Topic 3

Does Paz's writing style mirror the subject? When is he vociferous? When does it feel that he is holding something back?

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