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Short Answer Questions

1. Paz states that a Mexican utters the words that are considered most evil when which of the following occurs?

2. Why is the fiesta, at its core, a revolution?

3. In Paz's opinion, when is a person most likely to see himself as precious and unique?

4. According to Paz, what is death in modern thought?

5. What makes the foreigner skeptical about Mexicans (Chapter Four)?

Short Essay Questions

1. The search for place is a search for the center of the universe. How does that tie in with the title of the book?

2. Women are never able to express their femininity outside the forms that men have created for them to express it. What view of womanhood does that idea present?

3. What is the role of the Mexican intelligentsia within society? How does it differ from the function of the intelligentsia within the United States and Europe; and which one is a better role?

4. What is the character of the Mexican's solitude? How does it differ from the solitude of the North American?

5. How was the Revolution similar to a fiesta? Because of any existing similarity, why do the people cling to that time in history? Can that be considered healthy?

6. What role did Jose Vasconcelos play in modern education? From Paz's descriptions, what is his opinion of Vasconcelos?

7. How does Mexico's poverty relate to the fiesta? What French interpretation did it inspire?

8. Who was Sor Juana? Why was she an unusual person both in South America and in old Spain?

9. What role did Catholicism play in the lives of the conquering Spaniards? Was that role contradictory?

10. What is the world of terrorism like? How is it different from the past world of conquest and war?

Essay Topics

Essay Topic 1

When does a Mexican come into conflict with his fellow man, especially another Mexican? What are the facets of the clash? How is it resolved?

Essay Topic 2

In Paz's arguments, how important is the Mexican sense of place? What affects it? What is its most important aspect? Explain the sense of place in the greater context of the Mexican mindset that Paz presents throughout the book.

Essay Topic 3

Spain accepted all forms of the Renaissance and then closed itself off to further influence. How did that affect the Conquest? How does that continue to affect Mexico's philosophical and religious development?

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