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Short Answer Questions

1. In the book's argument, what happens when a Mexican woman is passive?

2. Which of the following powers does the saying "I am your father" hold? (Chapter Four, page 80).

3. Paz says that during critical moments in a nation's development, the people ask themselves a critical question. What is that question?

4. What happens when the Mexican dissimulates?

5. What role does the Mexican man play in society?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Mexico's poverty relate to the fiesta? What French interpretation did it inspire?

2. What mutual problem do both the Mexican and the North American face? What is the solution to that problem?

3. What is the Mexican's ideal of manliness? How does it affect his interactions with other people?

4. How does Paz explain the Mexican woman's role in society? How does that strip her of her personality?

5. What is the character of the Mexican's solitude? How does it differ from the solitude of the North American?

6. How do Mexicans view their bodies? How does their view contribute to their wish for privacy?

7. How did the Aztecs view sin? How does that idea explain the Conquest? What enormous change did Catholicism introduce?

8. In Chapter Three, the following idea is presented: "There is nothing so joyous as a Mexican fiesta, but there is also nothing so sorrowful. Fiesta night is also a night of mourning" (Chapter 3, page 53). What does that mean?

9. What is the world of terrorism like? How is it different from the past world of conquest and war?

10. Who is the Virgin of Guadalupe? How is she an important part of Mexican identity?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

What personal experiences did Paz pull from to write the book? How did he incorporate them into the broader scope of Mexican history? How did that affect the tone?

Essay Topic 2

Does Paz's writing style mirror the subject? When is he vociferous? When does it feel that he is holding something back?

Essay Topic 3

Use this quote as the foundation for your essay: "We have been expelled from the center of the world, and are condemned to search for it through jungles and deserts or in the underground mazes of the labyrinth.

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