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Short Answer Questions

1. As the closure to Chapter Two, the reader sees what shadow spreading out over Mexico?

2. How are the worlds of terrorism and mass production similar to each other? (Chapter Four).

3. Above all other definitions, who is the Chingada?

4. What is the Spanish view of women in contrast to the Mexican?

5. How do Mexicans avoid the dangers of romantic relationships, according to Paz?

Short Essay Questions

1. Who represents the conflict that Mexicans have not been able to solve? What effect does that conflict have on their culture?

2. Why does the Mexican love Form? Other than in personal relationships, how does that idea express itself?

3. How important are fiestas in Mexican culture? What relationship exists between the fiesta and the individual?

4. How does Paz explain the Mexican woman's role in society? How does that strip her of her personality?

5. Who is the Chingada? What relation does she hold to every Mexican, whether male or female?

6. What is the world of terrorism like? How is it different from the past world of conquest and war?

7. What is dissimulation? How does it compare to lying? How does it affect the Mexican's idea of himself?

8. How do Mexicans view their bodies? How does their view contribute to their wish for privacy?

9. How is the modern murderer different from a murderer of the past? How has modernity contributed to that difference?

10. What is the modern view of death? How is it dramatically different from the Aztec view?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

What dualities did Sor Juana represent (philosophical, religious, gender-based)? What lasting influence did she have?

Essay Topic 2

What personal experiences did Paz pull from to write the book? How did he incorporate them into the broader scope of Mexican history? How did that affect the tone?

Essay Topic 3

When does the author mention the Mexican ripping open his breast to reveal his emotions? What similarities and differences do those stories share? What emotions are encapsulated within them?

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