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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How did the Independence movement begin in South America?
(a) With Mexican housewives gradually overturning the governing body.
(b) Under the leadership of impassioned leader, San Martin.
(c) With simultaneous victories sweeping the continent.
(d) With a small band of determined revolutionaries.

2. According to Paz, what must be the first step toward reform?
(a) A struggle against rampant government corruption.
(b) A return to traditionalism.
(c) A complete overthrow of the socialist state.
(d) A struggle against the lie that makes colonialism official.

3. Why have Mexican culture and politics vacillated from one extreme to another? (Chapter Seven, page 157).
(a) Because there has never been a strong Mexican leader.
(b) Because Mexicans deny their Spanish and Indian heritage.
(c) Because Mexicans have difficulty synthesizing experiences.
(d) Because Mexicans cannot invent their history from the beginning.

4. How did the Reform want to justify itself?
(a) Through its past.
(b) Through the future.
(c) Through its popularity.
(d) Through its changes.

5. According to Paz, what is the "contemporary crisis"? (Chapter Seven, page 172).
(a) A struggle within a culture that no longer has any rivals.
(b) The struggle between two diverse cultures.
(c) The difficulty of Mexico relating to the advancing western world.
(d) The crisis of self-identity sweeping South America.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where have the great revolutions of the 20th Century occurred?

2. What should Mexicans recognize about their alienation from the world?

3. Why did the Spaniards not exterminate the Indians after they were conquered?

4. Why was unemployment high in Mexico at the time that Paz was writing?

5. Why does poetry tend to eradicate history? (Chapter Seven).

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