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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does poetry tend to eradicate history? (Chapter Seven).
(a) Because it disdains history.
(b) Because it transcends history.
(c) Because it does not understand history.
(d) Because it attempts to explicate history.

2. What did the Revolution force the Mexican people to do?
(a) Synthesize their colonial past with the pre-Catholicism past..
(b) Think about the future in global terms.
(c) Overcome the institutions of colonialism.
(d) Confront history and invent their future.

3. Why did the Church support Spanish power?
(a) The Church was threatened by Spain.
(b) The Church was bribed by the Spanish monarch.
(c) The Church owed its Mexican existence to the Spanish Conquest.
(d) The Church owned large portions of land.

4. According to Paz, why did the Revolution become a compromise?
(a) Its leader was not strong enough to carry their ideals forward.
(b) The Revolution's worldview synthesized too many elements.
(c) It could not synthesize Mexican tradition with the desire for universality.
(d) Because the extremists were a minority.

5. What important circumstance did early revolutionary governments not take into account?
(a) Desertion of rural areas.
(b) Expansion of cities.
(c) Population growth.
(d) Natural resources.

Short Answer Questions

1. How did the Aztecs' final struggle manifest itself?

2. According to Trotsky, what should happen if the Revolution does not break out in advanced nations following World War II?

3. Following the Revolution, why was socialist education not widely implemented in Mexico?

4. What happened to the people annexed by greater world powers?

5. According to Paz, what philosophical fact defines much of Mexico's history?

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