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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What model do Mexicans prefer that the woman follow?
(a) A general model of decency, secrecy, and long-suffering.
(b) A model of strength, praise, and fortitude.
(c) The model of ancient Mexican goddesses.
(d) The model of The Virgin Mary - chaste and kind.

2. Why are woman considered inferior people?
(a) They are not as intelligent as men.
(b) They are too emotionally attached.
(c) They open themselves up in submission.
(d) They are not as reticent as men.

3. On which group of people were Paz's thoughts focused?
(a) Those who are focused on making Mexico a part of the world.
(b) The Mexican nation as a whole.
(c) Those who are seeking a better philosophy as Mexicans.
(d) Those who are conscious of themselves as Mexicans.

4. Why did the sense of Mexicanism "float" in the air of Los Angeles?
(a) No one truly knew that it meant to be Mexican.
(b) People struggled to retain Mexican identity in a foreign land.
(c) It did not mix with the North American efficiency or precision.
(d) It was an ethereal sense of nationality.

5. What do a pachuco's actions and lifestyle demonstrate?
(a) His anger at a culture that will not assimilate him.
(b) His dissatisfaction with North American culture.
(c) His will to remain different.
(d) His desire to return to Mexico.

Short Answer Questions

1. How do Mexicans avoid the dangers of romantic relationships, according to Paz?

2. In Paz's estimation, woman is a living representation of which of the following?

3. In Paz's opinion, when is a person most likely to see himself as precious and unique?

4. Other than solitude, what does the Mexican often feel in relation to other peoples?

5. How does Paz differentiate between views of the body in Mexico and North America?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is the modern view of death? How is it dramatically different from the Aztec view?

2. What is Paz's understanding of woman? How does it fit the Mexican mindset?

3. What group of people did the author have in mind as he wrote the book? How and why did those people become important to him?

4. What mutual problem do both the Mexican and the North American face? What is the solution to that problem?

5. Who is the Virgin of Guadalupe? How is she an important part of Mexican identity?

6. What is the character of the Mexican's solitude? How does it differ from the solitude of the North American?

7. How did the Aztecs view sin? How does that idea explain the Conquest? What enormous change did Catholicism introduce?

8. In the author's parable, who is Nobody? Is it possible for Nobody to break the progression of his existence? Why or why not?

9. What is the Mexican's ideal of manliness? How does it affect his interactions with other people?

10. "The pachuco has lost his whole inheritance: Language, religion, customs, and beliefs. He is left with only a body and a soul with which to confront the elements" (Chapter One, pg 15). Is that a true statement?

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