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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 6 From Independence to the Revolution.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the French sociologists' interpretation of the fiesta?
(a) The people's disregard for death increases their sense of life.
(b) The people's squandering of money appeases the gods.
(c) The people's misunderstanding of life increases their desire for death.
(d) The people's disregard for obligations enhances their sense of time.

2. How did the Revolution relate to reality?
(a) It brought about a new idea of reality.
(b) It subtly altered the past idea of reality.
(c) It was a sheer explosion of reality.
(d) It denied reality.

3. Which of the following contributed to making colonialism alive and relevant?
(a) Imperial takeover.
(b) Native acceptance.
(c) Violence.
(d) Catholicism.

4. How did the Spanish Conquest treat religion?
(a) The Conquest did not relate to religion.
(b) Spain was defending the faith.
(c) Spain was integrating Mesoamerican religions.
(d) Spain was protecting the Mesoamerican religions.

5. According to the tribe of the Chamulas, what is a chulel?
(a) The imposition of Catholic beliefs over their native religion.
(b) The prayer of deliverance uttered by a warrior.
(c) A human soul residing in an animal.
(d) The tribute paid to a god.

Short Answer Questions

1. How are the worlds of terrorism and mass production similar to each other? (Chapter Four).

2. What was one factor that guided the Revolution to prioritize tradition?

3. In Paz's understanding of genders, how do Mexican women become like men?

4. How do Mexicans avoid the dangers of romantic relationships, according to Paz?

5. In contrast to the North American, what is one of the most noticeable traits about the Mexican character?

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