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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 4 The Sons of La Malinche.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Which of the following powers does the saying "I am your father" hold? (Chapter Four, page 80).
(a) The subtle power of the seemingly weaker person.
(b) The power of the justified and privileged person.
(c) The power of the closed person, the aggressor.
(d) The power of the Creator.

2. What is the Mexican concept of work?
(a) An impersonal action executed carefully.
(b) An important action performed extremely well.
(c) A personal action handled slowly and carefully.
(d) A mindless action performed quickly.

3. Why did the sense of Mexicanism "float" in the air of Los Angeles?
(a) People struggled to retain Mexican identity in a foreign land.
(b) It did not mix with the North American efficiency or precision.
(c) No one truly knew that it meant to be Mexican.
(d) It was an ethereal sense of nationality.

4. In Paz's estimation, what vital word has the Mexican forgotten?
(a) The word that gives him peace with all others.
(b) The word that allows him to reach out to others.
(c) The word tying him to life forces of creativity and destruction.
(d) The word of love given to him by his mother.

5. What connotation does the verb, chingar, carry?
(a) Violation.
(b) Failure.
(c) Mythical power.
(d) Disaster.

Short Answer Questions

1. Paz says that during critical moments in a nation's development, the people ask themselves a critical question. What is that question?

2. According to Paz, why does the liar tell lies to himself?

3. During the fiesta of Grito, why do the people shout for one hour, in Paz's interpretation?

4. Above all other definitions, who is the Chingada?

5. When Aztec victims were sacrificed, why did their deaths lack personal meaning?

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