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The House of Morgan Essay Topics & Writing Assignments

Ron Chernow
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Essay Topics

Chernow divides the history of the House of Morgan into three parts. What are these three parts? Briefly discuss each. Include such factors as approximate dates, significant events in the financial world, significant historical events, important people, the Morgan firms, Morgan leaders, etc.

Discuss the golden age for the House of Morgan. Why was this called the golden age?

In today's world would it be possible for any one firm to be as preeminent as the House of Morgan during its "golden age"? Discuss why or why not.

Discuss the role of leadership in the House of Morgan. Who were the five most important leaders? Why? Were these leaders also important outside the House of Morgan? How?

Discuss the importance of banking regulations to the House of Morgan. Include at least three specific regulations, including the Glass Steagall Act, discussing the why they were enacted, their effect on...

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