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Ron Chernow
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• The book opens in 1835 at a time of the building of railroads, canals, and turnpikes in the US, financed with bonds sold mostly in London.

• London is the center of the financial world.

• American states are defaulting on their bond interest payments.

• George Peabody works out a deal between the American debtors and London creditors.

• Peabody moves to London, opens a merchant bank in 1838 and specializes in American state bonds.

• Since Peabody is a bachelor, he looks for a partner and brings in Junius Morgan.

• Morgan takes over Peabody's company when he retires in 1864, but Peabody won't let him keep the name.

• Morgan renames the company J.S. Morgan and Company.

• The Morgans are a wealthy American family.

• Junius Morgan marries Juliet Pierpont and they have a son John Pierpont Morgan born in 1837.

• Junius moves to London and Pierpont provides his father...

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