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Samuel Shem
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Short Answer Questions

1. Which intern does Roy see frustrated, which convinces Roy they are all the same?

2. What does Roy acknowledge about his father when he reads his most recent letter?

3. Where are Roy and his friends when Berry gives them all advice?

4. Why is the wing called The Wing of Zock?

5. In Chapter 21, what is said by a nurse that baffles Roy?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why exactly does Chuck get in trouble in chapter 21?

2. When Roy finds out that Molly is seeing another intern named Howie, what kind of hypothetical situation does he conjure up in his mind?

3. What does Nate Zock say he's going to write in his letter to the chief of medicine, Dr. Leggo, the chief resident, and the BMS and House trustees? What did Roy find out later that Nate Zock also did?

4. When the elevator doesn't move, what is Roy's reaction? When he asks Eddie if he's gone nuts, what is his response? What does this show about their states of mind?

5. How does Roy claim that many people in the hospital "take out our hatred, our loneliness, our horror with human suffering, and our despair at human endings"?

6. Why does Roy start to dislike the Fat Man? What does Berry think?

7. What does Roy see at the Marcel Marceau show that snaps Roy back into reality?

8. What single incident, with the hepatitis woman, made it hard for Roy "to do extremely well for a minute or two"? How did Roy and the nurse react?

9. What does Roy ask the Runt about Angel? Why can't the Runt completely answer the question?

10. What does the new extract the Fat Man created, and what is its one side effect?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

In the last line of the novel, Roy proposes to Berry. Why do you think he suddenly wasn't afraid of doing so anymore? Was it done at the very end of the novel to portray anything about Roy's growth? Explain. Indicate at least three times in the novel where you see some maturity growth occur.

Essay Topic 2

What caused such emotion to emerge in Roy that makes him snap out of his apathetic state? Explain why you believe such a small incident could bring about such clarity. Use quotes from the book to tie the moment of clarity in with times Roy felt lost, and compare and contrast.

Essay Topic 3

As time went on, Roy began to dehumanize his patients, like Pinkus always did inadvertently. Some doctors believe it is necessary to not look at patients personally, but rather look at them as numbers. They believe being emotionally unattached makes a better overall doctor because they can be impartial. Others believe that if doctors don't look at patients as humans, that there is no point in having doctors at all; why not have robots diagnose patients? If a doctor loses their ability to empathize with their patients, then they shouldn't be doctors. Please explain one side of the argument, backing it up with quotes from the text.

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