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Samuel Shem
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Short Answer Questions

1. How did Tina the anorexic get to the House?

2. Where does Chuck decide he is going next year?

3. Roy realized what about the Fat Man and his inventions?

4. In his fantasy he has while at work, Roy imagines the mystery woman's perfume to smell like what?

5. Why did Roy really go to see the Fat Man in chapter 23?

Short Essay Questions

1. What started happening around Passover and what was Roy's idea to stop it? Does it work?

2. What single incident, with the hepatitis woman, made it hard for Roy "to do extremely well for a minute or two"? How did Roy and the nurse react?

3. When Roy finds out that Molly is seeing another intern named Howie, what kind of hypothetical situation does he conjure up in his mind?

4. Why does Berry say that it is emotionally detrimental for the interns when they move on so quickly from things (like Potts' death) and in spite of everything, act like there is no past?

5. What does Nate Zock say he's going to write in his letter to the chief of medicine, Dr. Leggo, the chief resident, and the BMS and House trustees? What did Roy find out later that Nate Zock also did?

6. What does Jo say, after one of her patients dies, that shows her to be totally devoid of emotion or compassion?

7. What does Roy see at the Marcel Marceau show that snaps Roy back into reality?

8. What is Pinkus' state of health as opposed to how he used to be?

9. Why was Roy's new intern so nicknamed by him and Chuck, and what did Roy say the new intern lacked?

10. What is Roy's father's reaction to finding out that Roy is going into psychiatry?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

In the last line of the novel, Roy proposes to Berry. Why do you think he suddenly wasn't afraid of doing so anymore? Was it done at the very end of the novel to portray anything about Roy's growth? Explain. Indicate at least three times in the novel where you see some maturity growth occur.

Essay Topic 2

The Black Crow award was given to the intern with the most postmortem admissions. In order to get a postmortem admission, a patient must die.

Similarly, a doctor is rewarded for finding the cure to a problem or disease. What inevitably happened when this award was given? Explain the reasons why and why not the award should exist.

Essay Topic 3

Explore the theme of isolation in the novel as it affects at least two of the characters. Use quotations from the book to back up your claims.

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