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Samuel Shem
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In Chapter 1, what is mentioned by Roy which he sees drip off of Berry's face?
(a) Juice.
(b) Vinaigrette.
(c) Russian dressing.
(d) Chocolate sauce.

2. Who was the president at the time in which the novel was set?
(a) Nixon.
(b) Kennedy.
(c) Truman.
(d) Reagan.

3. Why does the Runt believe he is going to die?
(a) Because he is paranoid and a hypochondriac.
(b) Because he ate a sick man's dinner by accident.
(c) Because because he was pricked with a needle that was infected with disease.
(d) Because he can't feel his hand a lot of the time.

4. Which one of the interns does Jo reprimand?
(a) Roy.
(b) Chuck.
(c) Howie.
(d) Runt.

5. Who was described as a thin, dry-looking little man with a horrific purple birthmark on the side of his face?
(a) Leggo.
(b) Hooper.
(c) Fat Man.
(d) Fish.

6. Roy contemplates whether it's more ethical to lie to save a life or:
(a) To lie to save yourself.
(b) To cheat to save a life.
(c) To tell the truth and save a life.
(d) To tell the truth and kill someone.

7. Who dies instead of the gomers, according to the interns?
(a) Babies.
(b) Doctors.
(c) Drug addicts.
(d) Young people.

8. What was Chuck the only of in his ward?
(a) African-American/black.
(b) Homosexual.
(c) Handicapped.
(d) Latino.

9. Who is Otis?
(a) Roy's dog.
(b) Roy's father.
(c) Potts' dog.
(d) The janitor at the hospital.

10. Why does "Crazy Abe" tell Roy that he did good?
(a) Because he's Jewish.
(b) Because he scored a pretty nurse.
(c) Because he doesn't believe in God.
(d) Because he smuggled medicine to him.

11. At the beginning of the novel, Roy reflects on his internship year while vacationing in what country?
(a) Spain.
(b) France.
(c) Germany.
(d) Mexico.

12. What does "gomers go to ground" mean?
(a) They walk around all over the place.
(b) They can't talk.
(c) They fall out of bed.
(d) They die.

13. Who says when they die, they want their money in a trust fund donated to the first BMS to realize the insanity of the medical profession and drop out?
(a) Hooper.
(b) Roy.
(c) The Runt.
(d) Chuck.

14. Roy found Molly in tears one day for what reason?
(a) Her boyfriend broke up with her.
(b) She found a mole on her leg she thought was cancerous.
(c) She had a headache and was convinced she had a brain tumor.
(d) She found out her parents were getting divorced.

15. Why does Potts feels guilty about Elliot Needleman's death?
(a) Because he misdiagnosed him.
(b) Because he ignored his cry for help.
(c) Because he gave him the wrong medication.
(d) Because he thinks he should have sent him to surgery sooner.

Short Answer Questions

1. The lowest rung on the hospital hierarchy is who?

2. What movie/food combination does the Fat Man talk about which he enjoys?

3. Berry and Roy went to Symphony Hall to see what show?

4. To figure out the appropriate LASIX dose for a patient, the Fat Man says to add the BUN (Blood Urea Nitrogen) level and what?

5. Where did Molly and Roy go on their date around Christmas?

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