The House of God Short Essay - Answer Key

Samuel Shem
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1. What kind of internship is Roy reflecting upon in the beginning of the book?

At this point in the novel (Chapter 1), all the reader knows is that Roy had a medical internship.

2. How does Roy say the interns in the House of God handled intimacy?

Roy said that all the interns used each other.

3. What keeps reminding Roy of all the gomers from the House?

Every time he walks by a hospice in France, he sees old people sitting outside in their wheelchairs and he swears they look right at him.

4. What does Roy say happened to his friend Chuck in the House?

Roy says that Chuck was so happy and funny, and now he was sad and glum. Chuck was broken by the House and was going around with the same half-angry, half-crushed look in his eyes.

5. What is a "slurper"?

Slurpers are people who suck up to the people higher than them on the hospital hierarchy.

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