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Samuel Shem
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 21.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What patient can will their heart into a crazy rhythm so as to have to stay at the House?
(a) Little Otto.
(b) Moe.
(c) Harry.
(d) Tina.

2. Who were the Blue Blazers?
(a) People who answer any questions the interns have.
(b) People who broke the news to patients that someone died.
(c) An elite group of doctors at the House.
(d) Alumni doctors who gave money to the House.

3. How did Jo's father die?
(a) He committed suicide.
(b) Brain cancer.
(c) He was in a car accident.
(d) Aneurysm.

4. What does the gomer Anna O. always yell?
(c) RUN! RUN! RUN!

5. Except for her ____________________, Berry is naked at the beginning of the novel.
(a) Underwear.
(b) Hat.
(c) Sunglasses.
(d) Make-up.

Short Answer Questions

1. What do Chuck and Roy convince the Runt to do in Chapter 7?

2. What does Roy use to remember medical facts?

3. Whose slogan is "you gotta have heart"?

4. Why does Leggo say he thought Roy was in the military?

5. The fantasy Roy has at the end of Chapter 1 takes place where?

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