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Samuel Shem
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 22.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Roy acknowledge about his father when he reads his most recent letter?
(a) That he is a great dad.
(b) That he has alwaye been a narcissist.
(c) That he may be right.
(d) That he feels badly for him.

2. Why did Molly get mad at Roy in chapter 16?
(a) Because he didn't give her a Valentine's Day gift.
(b) Because he slept with another nurse.
(c) Because he told her he wouldn't break up with his girlfriend for her.
(d) Because he broke a date.

3. What mistake did Howie make?
(a) He told someone's family that someone died when they didn't.
(b) He didn't give a postmortem to a patient.
(c) He forgot to check in on a dying patient.
(d) He pronounced someone dead when they were not.

4. The Fat Man keeps note cards for what reason?
(a) To keep track of the patients' symptoms.
(b) To keep all his ideas for inventions on them.
(c) To keep track of all the interns' mistakes.
(d) To remember his schedule.

5. Why is Chuck really late to rotation?
(a) He was on an all-night bender at the bar.
(b) He was interviewing at another hospital.
(c) He completely forgot he had to work.
(d) He was up all night with a girl.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why is Jo's philosophy on treating patients so different from the Fat Man's?

2. The lowest rung on the hospital hierarchy is who?

3. Where did Molly and Roy go on their date around Christmas?

4. What deliberate mistake made by an intern did the chief resident tell everyone about, which ended up getting the intern sent down to the Deep South?

5. Who are Selma and Rosalie?

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