Daily Lessons for Teaching The House of God

Samuel Shem
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Lesson 1 (from Chapter 1)


This chapter has many flashbacks which gives the reader snippits of what they are about to read, foreshadowing much of the plot.

The objective of the lesson is to introduce the concepts of flashback and foreshadowing, as well as how they work together.


1) (Lecture) Explain how the protagonist went through a difficult time, and how sometimes when novels begin, it is as a flashback.

2) (Class Discussion) Discuss the concept of flashback and brainstorm about books or movies that use the same device.

3) (Class discussion) Talk about if they would have started the novel that way and what the disadvantages and advantages are of doing so. Is it better to give some of the plot away in the beginning, especially if it gives away how things end up?

4) (Group Activity) Have the students come up with a way of starting off the novel without revealing anything...

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