The House of God Essay Topics & Writing Assignments

Samuel Shem
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Essay Topic 1

Explain how "The House of God" could be considered a "coming of age" novel. What growth was made by Roy throughout his year-long internship?

Essay Topic 2

Do you feel any differently about the medical profession and/or doctors after reading the book? Did you consider doctors to all be virtuous or did you have a feeling some had other intentions than just helping people? Explain if and how your opinion changed.

Essay Topic 3

Do doctors really nickname people "gomers"? Explain why it would be realistic in our society if patients are actually TURFed and BUFFed like explained in the book.

Essay Topic 4

Roy speaks of wearing his "doctor costume" when he is starting out in his rotations. What do you think he means by this? Were there any other character wearing "costumes"? If so, who? Why would Roy, or any other character, need to wear a...

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