The House of God Character Descriptions

Samuel Shem
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Roy G. Basch

This character's cynicism grows as time goes on and thus begins to invent ways to make life more palatable inside the House of God. This character goes through a range of emotions throughout the novel, ranging from utter depression and paranoia to indelible hope and optimism for the future.

The Fat Man

This character has their own ideas on how to take care of medical patients and has invented several irreverent rules that are shared with the new interns. Many interns love this character, despite the blatant craziness that he exhibits on a daily basis.

Wayne Potts

Insecurity is this character's downfall. This character also endures many disappointments, including a sad dog, an emotionally devoid marriage, and a withering dream of moving down South.


This character is well-regarded in the medical profession for his intelligence and common sense. This character also knows how to...

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