The House of God Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Samuel Shem
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Chapter 1

• Roy, on vacation in France with his girlfriend Berry, reflects on his year-long internship which recently ended.

• He speaks very sexually about Berry, and also has sexual fantasies about having sleeping with unnamed nurses on a blood-slippery floor.

• He remembers the "gomers" (realizing everything reminds him of them) and reflects on how he used to like old people before his internship.

Chapter 2

• The "House of God" is introduced to the reader.

• Roy goes to orientation and is given advice about starting internship.

• He admits to Berry how scared he is, to which Berry (a psychology resident) tells him to just practice denial.

• He meets Dr. Fishberg ("Fish"), Dr. Leggo, Pinkus, Dr. Frank, and Dr. Pearlstein ("The Pearl")

• He is introduced to the term "slurper," meaning one who sucks up to get ahead on the medical hierarchy.

• He meets Chuck, one of the few African-Americans in the program...

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