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Short Answer Questions

1. What color are Elaine’s eyes?

2. How far does Paul travel to talk to Hammersmith?

3. What is Bitterbuck’s rank on his reservation?

4. What tribe does Bitterbuck come from?

5. What is Bitterbuck’s first name?

Short Essay Questions

1. How did the President’s life turn out after he was released from E Block?

2. What does Bitterbuck tell Paul about his life?

3. What promise does Warden Moores make to Percy regarding Delacroix?

4. How is Melinda Moores doing when she is sent home from the hospital?

5. Why doesn’t Paul Edgecombe go to the doctor for his urinary infection?

6. How does Paul think that Percy learns to stay in the middle of the corridor on the mile?

7. Who gets Wharton under control when he is choking Dean?

8. What is wrong with Warden Moores’ wife?

9. Why doesn’t Paul go to the TV room much in the day?

10. What is the weather like the evening before Delacroix’s execution?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Coffey is executed even though he is innocent. In what way are Paul’s and his co-workers’ hands tied when it comes to getting a stay of execution? Why don’t they even attempt to prove Coffey’s innocence to a higher authority? Do Coffey’s wishes have anything to do with the reasons why he was executed even though he was innocent?

Essay Topic 2

Paul believes that Coffey did not kill the young girls. Why does Paul connect not being able to tie a shoe to Coffey’s innocence? What other things about Coffey make Paul believe he is innocent? Is Paul’s theory every corroborated?

Essay Topic 3

Those imprisoned on the mile are not the only prisoners in The Green Mile. Who else could be considered prisoners in the novel? What imprisons these characters? Are any of the characters able to break free from their physical or mental prisons?

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